WordSesh 3: Over but Never Forgotten

24 hours of live WordPress Presentations has come to an end.

WordSesh, an online WordPress Marathon, had it’s 3rd event yesterday with over 45 speakers and thousands of viewers from all over the world.

I’m still recovering from over 36 hours of not sleeping but wanted to write up a quick review of some of my favorite highlights from what’s become my favorite event in the WordPress community.

The DradCast

My good friends Brad Williams and Dre Armeda, a.k.a the DradCast, kicked off WordSesh for the 3rd time.

WordSesh Round Tables

We had 6 round tables at WordSesh 3! The round table format is by far my favorite and the moderators / panelists this year did an outstanding job. Crowdcast.io proved to be an incredible tool for our event and it’s ability to have user submitted questions, up voting and polling was very helpful to tie in interaction with our round tables and speakers. Topics included themes, plugins, the WordPress community, WordPress conferences, business and WordPress news.

A Fireside Chat w/ JJJ Part 2

One of my favorite talks last year was John James Jacoby’s  titled “A Fireside Chat” where he’s literally sitting next to a fireplace and talking to the WordSesh audience about almost anything. John joined us again this year and he’s such a natural and speaking and captivating the audience with his knowledge and passion w/ WordPress.

2 Q&A’s

It was an honor and privilege to moderate two Q&A sessions. One with WooThemes co-founder Magnus Jepson and another with WordPress Lead Developer Andrew Nacin.

I could go on and on with the amazing content we came together and created in 24 hours. If you missed the event and want to catch up I highly recommend you watch through all the videos from WordSesh 3. We’ve created an official playlist on YouTube already and the whole event can be found here. I feel like I’ve said the words “Thank You” hundreds of times over the past 24 hours but I still can’t say it enough to my friends who helped me with organizing the event, the speakers involved and the viewers who tuned in to make this all possible.

Special thanks again to SiteGround for powering the site and I hope you all look into what they have to offer as I can highly recommend their WordPress hosting.

Hope you enjoy!

WordSesh 1 and WordSesh 2 are also on Youtube and definitely check those videos out as well if you are new to WordSesh.

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  1. Amanda Rush (@cswordpress) December 21, 2014 at 7:04 pm #

    WordSesh was excellent as always. I’ve started a project to transcribe the talks since live captioning wasn’t an option and the text will be easier to translate than videos and other benefits, and I’m part of the way through the second talk. My way of giving back to WordSesh and the WordPress community. Hope you can catch up on the missed sleep.

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